Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Redland brick statue

Anyone who has ever driven round the one way system in Reigate will have noticed the excellent brick 'knot' that sits perched above the eastern entrance and exit from said system. It is now part of esure's building The Observatory and very appealing too with its 'how did they do that?' loops of brick. I have attached a picture of it taken from within the building just to show how impressive it is close up. Older residents of Reigate may remember Redland Brick whose headquarter once loomed where The Observatory now stands. For anyone who doesn't remember it, click here for a link to the Francis Frith collection photo of the building. Note the strangely high be-curtained windows.

Anyone who can fill in my gaps of knowledge about the 'knot', please use the main website mailing list and info page to send in your nuggets.


Country Brook Design said...

You said that I would ask "how did they do that" and I did. I immediately thought it looked like steel. to make it out of brick is incredible.

I can't wait until to visit Deerings Rd. again.

Patsy said...

I used to live in Deerings Road between 1978 and 1982. I remember that sculpture being built as I walked to school (Reigate Priory) during those years, so it must have been built around 1980.